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Rooted in Faith
Youth Ministry

Youth Mission/Goal: Building up our youth through biblical principle so in the day of adversity they stand firmly rooted in strong faith that allows their light to lead others to Christ and touch the world around them.

Sunday Schedule: 2nd through 5th Sundays the youth department will be meeting upstairs in their designated classroom.

1st Sunday: Youth will be inside the main sanctuary to participate/fellowship with the entire congregation as well as take communion.
2nd Sundays: The facilitators will be conducting the service.
3rd Sundays: The youth will meet inside the upstairs game room and fellowship together or a special activity will be introduced. (Outside activity, mini field trip, games, etc.)
4th Sundays: The youth will have the opportunity to assist/facilitate the service
5th Sundays: Missions and Service outing: Youth will have the opportunity to serve, evangelize, and pray at church and in the community.


Walking Rooted in Faith: An overview of what rooted faith is, the curriculum/expectations and what we want the youth to walk away from this program knowing.
What is Foursquare: A brief breakdown of our vision, mission, five-fold purpose, Pentecostal teachings, and history.
Who’s that: Learning about the ministries inside of our church, the leadership, and the people that are involved.
Who are you: Explanation of how priceless and wonderfully made the youth are and what God says about them. Students will do a small summary about who they think they are and what a relationship with God means to them.
Why are you here: What we are called to do as believers and followers of Jesus Christ and how to find your assignment.
Who God is: A breakdown of the Holy Trinity. The characteristics of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the gifts they give us, and what they do.
How we got our Bible/What is it: A study on the old and new testaments, the covenants, and the truth about where the Bible came from and why we can trust it.
Spiritual Warfare: A discussion on what spiritual warfare is, what the spirit realm is, our armor, our weapons, what the Bible says about it.
Heaven, Hell, and spirits: What the Bible says about these places, who will be inside these places. A discussion about angelic hosts and demonic forces, what they effect.
Rooted in Tithing/Giving: Discussing why tithing and offering is so important. The different ways to tithe and give and the benefits of sowing. How to save and invest.
Rooted in Missions: A breakdown of mission ministry, why it is important, where we fit in, how we stay connected, and what the Bible says about it.
Rooted in Evangelism: A breakdown of evangelism ministry, why it is important, where we fit in, how we stay, how to witness, staying connected, and what the Bible says about it.
Rooted in Apologetic: How to defend your faith in a world full of non-believers
Rooted in Prayer: Discussing the power and importance of a healthy prayer life. When and how to pray. Prayers in The Bible.
Rooted in Faith: A study on What Faith is, what faith is not, why faith is important.
Rooted in Fasting: The importance of fasting and what it does for us as believers.
Rooted in Obedience: Why it is important to be obedient to God when He calls you to do something. Why we should uphold God's commandments. The dangers of being lukewarm. Obedience to parents, bosses, authority figures.
Rooted in Fellowship: Why we need to come to church. What God says about His church, why we should stay connected to other Christians and why it is so important to have healthy consistent fellowship with Christ.
Rooted in Service: A study of people who served in the Bible and the importance of serving as Christians.
Rooted in the Promises: The power behind God's promises and what has been promised in the Bible.

*The youth will take a gift assessment and after they complete it, we will establish mentors for them to shadow inside the church that have similar gift sets. Mentors will have to commit for a specific (tbd) time frame. Youth will do a minimum of 1 rotation through a mentor that is currently serving in church ministry. Mentors will be required to give a summary/report at the end of their mentorship as well as the youth.

No missing links: Getting the youth involved with the transition/mentoring of the children becoming a part of the youth ministry and the forward mentoring of youth becoming a part of the young adult ministry

*Getting the girls involved with Precious Jewels and the boys involved with Young Men of Valor

Life Skills: Gives the congregation a chance to get involved with providing important life skills for the youth. (Cooking, Interviewing, Resume Building, Job Skills, Trades, what to wear, starting a business, how to tie a tie, etc.)
Education: Helps youth learn about applying for trades and colleges. How to apply for scholarships. Talking about student loans. Providing Tutoring and school advice for struggling youth. What the Bible says about school.
Family Matters: The chain of command inside of the family. What the Bible says about family
Ready to Die: How valuable our salvation is and being willing to protect our faith and standing firm during persecution and willing to die for Christ.
The Truth about music: Discussing the power and influence of music and movies. What we should listen to. What the Bible says about music. Discussing popular artists and why we should/shouldn’t listen to them. Why we should be careful about what we watch and listen to
The Truth about sex: Discussing sex from a Christian standpoint and why it is important to honor what God says about it.
The Truth about Sin: Discussing what sin is. The importance of a savior. God's wrath the consequences of unchecked sin. The importance of true repentance.
The Truth about love/hate: Discussing healthy and unhealthy relationships in our lives, a discussion about love/hate in the Bible.
The truth about Forgiveness:  A discussion about the importance of forgiving and how to keep positive relationships, and correcting negatives relationships in regards to friends, family, church.
The Truth about dating: Dating tips from the Bible. Getting people involved with taking the youth out on group dates showing them how they should be treated.
When the Wind Blows: A brief breakdown of the major religious beliefs that exist (Catholicism, Islam, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons) and how to witness to these groups and standing firm when confronted by skeptics and false doctrine.
Who are you Cont.: This last topic will always be a milestone class. The student will be asked the question, “Who are you”? They will have to write a summary of the course explaining who they are as opposed to who they were, what walking in rooted faith means to them, what this class meant to them and what they have learned. The students that complete the course will receive a certificate and a small gift from the facilitators.

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