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Pastor Alaric and 1st Lady Amber Singletary

would like to welcome you to Wind of the Spirit Worship Center. As a new member, there are five basic fundamental steps to take.

  • Receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior

  • To be baptized in water, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, if you have not had this experience before

  • Take a Gift Assessment Survey to discover what your God-given gifts are

  • Attend Bible Study

  • Connect with a ministry group

The Wind Experience "W.E." This is an opportunity to learn about your Pastor, Executive Team & Church

  • Purpose

  • Expectations

  • Church Tour

  • Church Organization

  • Gift Assessment Test

  • How to get connected

Agenda Includes:

For more information please contact our church secretary at (951) 359-0203

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