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Sowing into the work at "The Wind" is simple and quick, just click!

At Wind of the Spirit Worship Center we believe the giving of our first fruits is an act of worship, a way that honors God (Prov 3:9) while also living mindfully that ALL we own, not just what we give is the Lord's (Psalm 24:1). God is a giver of eternal gifts (John 3:16, 1 Cor 2:12) and temporal (Dt 8:17-18,James 1:17) and when a follower of Christ freely and joyfully gives away their increase, whether it be money, possessions, time, or talents, they are imitating God. We are excited about your desire to give, not only because of how your gift will allow us to continue to be about our Vision which is Reaching our World through Prepared People, but also because of what your gift prayerfully communicates to the world about your heart and relationship with God (2 Cor 9:12-15) and how investing wisely benefits you (Acts 20:35, Luke 12:33).

We are blessed to have supporters like you and we are honored that you have chosen this Ministry as a place to sow your seed. There are two ways you can donate to the ministry, you can use the online option at the bottom of the page to donate or you can mail your offering and tithes to:

Wind of the Spirit Worship Center
6476 Streeter Ave. Riverside, CA 92504

We Thank You again for your financial support,
Your partners in Christ at Wind of the Spirit Worship Center


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