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DOK ~ Women's Ministry

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DOK (Daughters of the King)
Women's Ministry

Join us for fellowship meetings on the first Saturday of every other month.

Meetings are held at various times based on the venue. Watch announcements for updated information.

Ministry Vision: "Reaching our world through prepared women." 

Ministry Mission: To preach, practice, and propagate the will of God thru biblical principles. Reaching and equipping women for today while preparing women for tomorrow.

Ministry Goals:
​1) That all women will mature in spiritual growth, through devotion of God's word, and by developing a prayerful life
2) That all women will submit and give reverence to their husband
3) That Proverbs 31, the Virtues Women, will become a role model to every woman's life
4) That the older women will teach and mentor the younger women
5) That the fruit of the spirit will be operating in the lives of every woman
6) Women working effectively in mission, outreach and evangelism.

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